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Why 3G?

Posted: 05 Jun 2018 / in Blog

Shielding Is Our Specialty

Board Level Shields (BLS) are designed to help optimize protection while meeting application requirements. EMI shields can be sealed with a one -piece, two - piece or Multizone metal cage.

BLS provide isolation of board-level components, minimize crosstalk and reduce EMI susceptibility without impacting the systems speed.

3G offers a complete lineup of standard and custom board level shielding products. Our comprehensive selection of the one-piece, two –piece, and Multizone shields are available in both surface mount and through-hole styles.

By utilizing 3G’s unlimited design flexibility and many standard features, engineers have the ability to modify or customize board level shielding to solve any application. Our expert engineers join your team to develop your Board Level Shield solution.

3G is where customization is standard.

There are many reason why to choose 3G as your board level shield supplier.

We offer unlimited design with a variety of different material options to best suite your unique design shielding needs. We offer many different surface mount and pin styles ensuring the most effective shielding performance. We avoid any thermal shadowing by offering ventilation holes on either the top or side of the application.

For any application that require automation, we have excellent shielding performance available in tape and reel, also known as our PIC-IT shield.

For more information about how we can support your next project, contact one of our application engineers today!