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Hybrid Shield

Posted: 16 Jan 2018 / in Blog

Hybrid Shields

Hybrid is a two-piece customizable multi-zoned shield developed as a direct replacement to costly machined housing.
Similar shielding performance to traditional machined enclosures but at a fraction of the cost
Requires less board space and provides weight reduction

Knitted Wire

Posted: 08 Jan 2018 / in Blog


Knitted wire EMI shielding gaskets provide the ability to ground joints and seams in enclosure applications
Available in many geometries, sizes and materials to choose from
Available in monel, aluminum, or tin plated copper clad steel wire

Thermal Interface Materials

Posted: 04 Jan 2018 / in Blog


Thermal Interface Materials are used to increase heat dissipation between a hot area and the cooling device such as a heat sink
These silicone based materials work by displacing the air in uneven areas with highly conductive material yielding increased cooling
Available as sheet stock, can be die cut to any size and can be custom molded

ISO Registered

Posted: 02 Jan 2018 / in Blog

3G is now ISO Registered

At 3G, quality is embedded in our DNA. Our clients expect a responsive partner that delivers quality products to them every time, and that is our mission. We are committed to continual improvement of our products and systems. As a result, 3G is now ISO 9001:2015 registered.
3G is dedicated to providing market leading solutions to our clients and manufacturing support through the entire life cycle of applications from prototypes to production.
Total client satisfaction in all interactions

We're Online!

Posted: 20 Dec 2017 / in Blog

Chat with us today!

Have a question? We have an answer.  Visit our website and live chat with one of our application engineers today. At 3G an application engineer works with you to under your requirements, recommend appropriate solutions, and provide detailed specifications and solid models for your review. Customers rely on 3G to reduce their engineering and design effort, allowing them to focus on other challenges while 3G focuses on specifying and documenting a shielding solution that works.

ITAR Registered

Posted: 15 Dec 2017 / in Blog


We are pleased to support applications controlled by ITAR. A significant percentage of our products are deployed in support of defense electronic applications. Solutions include high performance light-weight circuit board shielding and Hybrid shield technologies incorporating multiple materials such as absorbers and conductive gaskets.


Posted: 11 Dec 2017 / in Blog


Wavexorb advanced performance Microwave Absorber provide a means to reduce undesirable radiation that could interfere with electronic system operation or cause non-compliance. Available in a variety of material types and formulations, each material is designed to provide specific absorption characteristics. Wavexorb absorbers are formulated by combining silicone, nitrile, urethane, or foam matrix with magnetic and carbon filler materials. Available in sheet form, with or without pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). 3G also fabricates wavexorb Microwave Absorbers into custom sizes, shapes,   and configurations.

Board Level Shielding

Posted: 06 Dec 2017 / in Blog

Board Level Shielding

Our comprehensive selection of one-piece, two-piece and multi-zone shields are available in both surface mount and through-hole configurations.
Our engineers work closely with our customers to create a specific board level shield solution to solve even the most complex applications in the most cost effective manner possible.

Combo Strip

Posted: 22 Nov 2017 / in Blog

Combo Strip

Combo Strip shielding materials are a cost effective solution compared to alternative methods for shielding enclosures.
Provided in six material combinations and in multiple configurations, this material is used extensively in military , telecommunications , medical and aerospace markets.
Available with or without PSA