Enclosure Shielding - Conductive Foam

Waveseal Conductive Foam shielding material is suited for applications requiring excellent shielding effectiveness and low closure force. This cost effective solution consists of two layers of highly conductive and tear resistant polyester fabric covering one layer of conductive polyurethane foam. Provided in sheet form, the material is extremely versatile and can easily be fabricated into various shapes and sizes including I/O Panels, Connector Gaskets, Backplanes and Access Panels.


Sheet Stock

Sheet Thickness 250X250  500X500  500X1000  1000X1000 
.040 (1.0) WS-4410-01-A WS-4410-02-A WS-4410-03-A WS-4410-04-A
.060 (1.5) WS-4415-01-A WS-4415-02-A WS-4415-03-A WS-4415-04-A
.080 (2.0) WS-4420-01-A WS-4420-02-A WS-4420-03-A WS-4420-04-A
.100 (2.5) WS-4425-01-A WS-4425-02-A WS-4425-03-A WS-4425-04-A
.120 (3.0) WS-4430-01-A WS-4430-02-A WS-4430-03-A WS-4430-04-A
.140 (3.5) WS-4435-01-A WS-4435-02-A WS-4435-03-A WS-4435-04-A


  • High Shielding Performance
  • Very Low Compression Force
  • Cuts Easily into Intricate Shapes
  • Standard with Conductive PSA
  • Easy to Peel and Stick
  • Low Cost EMI Gasket


  • Shielding Effectiveness: 75dB (min) 10MHz - 10GHz
  • Z-Resistivity: <.2Ω/sq.
  • Temp Range: -40˚F to 200˚F
  • Avg. Compression: 2PSI @ 30%
  • RoHS & REACH Compliant


  • I/O Panels
  • Connector Gaskets
  • Backplanes
  • Access Panels
  • Door Seams
  • PCB Shielding